AGRACO subsidiaries of TTD Company is registered and based in Tehran, Iran as an agricultural company in the field of distribution of agricultural inputs. Based on 25-years successful history of trading and sales in Iran and Italy, AGRACO is currently the exclusive representative of a number of reputable European companies in the field of agriculture. Our business partners contain Decco (a company of UPL Ltd), Novagro,

Agafert from Italy and AGRARES from Spain are our reference.


AGRACO is a dynamic company focusing on R&D. We have reached to stable growth in our sales during last 5 years (2012-2016). We believe that not only providing specialized solutions for large and small-holder farming plays the key role on our present strategy, but also influential communication of the R&D and commercial sector is an our advantage compared other companies. In addition, we have a future-oriented, high-performance network that simplifies our core work, as well as the flow of business with our customers and partners significantly.


In order to accurately assess the efficiency of the new products under various climate and conditions, AGRACO covers a large part of country in terms of technical and specialized expertise with its efficient staffs and the possession of pilot farms in different parts of environments. Meanwhile, the company has specialized databases and local experts for close contact with farmers. Iran is located in the mid-latitude belt of arid and semi-arid regions of the Earth and this climate cover more than sixty-five percent of the country, so agricultural recommendation such as the best time and the rate of consumption of inputs are found via AGRACO experiments, considering Iran’s climate and major crops. However, our fundamental value is established and grantee a fair balance between eco-friendly and product efficiency.